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About Us

Our Story 
OneTapWireless was founded to solve the problem of owning more than one smart device and needing them all to be fully charged - ready for a full day's work. The problem is - the inconvenience of needing multiple chargers on your bedside table or work desk to power your Smartphone, watch, and earbuds. 
We found that a lot of users often neglected their much-loved devices solely because of the nightmare of charging more than one device at the same time! It was also apparent that people with less precise motor skills find plugging a tiny cable into their everyday device, a bigger task than it ever should be.
That's why we decided to launch our first product, the PowerBase 3-in-1 Wireless charger, which has taken the internet by storm over the last year. Our small business now has thousands of customers worldwide and we endeavour to release more products that improve our customers experience in their day-to-day actives. 
Our Vision 
We truly believe that as we become more and more dependent technology, wireless charging is the future of charging all smart devices. It's simply faster, more convenient, and efficient. We are also everyday users of smart devices, that's why we only offer functional products without sacrificing style, simplicity, look, and feel.
Our Company Values
1. Excellent products
2. Excellent customer service 
3. Excellent prices 
As a service provider to thousands of global customers, we uphold a responsibility to ensure that all of our customers are satisfied with their purchases and have a positive shopping experience with us. Our focus creating a happy community backed by our customer first approach to any service we provide.
Thank you for visiting OneTapWireless, we hope you had a pleasant experience!